Klick to short film >> Simone Suko as Amelie. Others: Laura Cuenca Serrano and Oliver Troska. Screen Writer and Director: Simon Messlinger.


Klick here >> Simone Suko for a Cinema Special of “Sky”, feat. Diane Kruger.

Shooting Manfred Kroyer

Klick for more photos >> Shooting with Simone Suko. By Photographer Manfred Kroyer. For the movie “Und bei mir…” by Sophia Berikashvili. A story about the life of an actress that´s not always easy-going.         

Star Wars Identities

Simone Suko at the Opening of the “Star Wars Identities” Exhibition. Doing an interview with dubbing actor Hans-Georg Panczak, the German voice of Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill). With them: The “Star Wars” Army. Friend or Foe? Finally, they arrested Simone and waltzed her off…      


Klick to cinema special>> Voice Over for “Freeheld” (feat. Julianne Moore and Ellen Page). A touching love story, based on a true incident.


Interview with Disney´s producer Clark Spencer about their latest movie “Zoomania”. He didn´t promise too much: Their 3D animation is amazing. Go for it, guys!

The Hateful 8

Klick to film special >> Voice Over for Jennifer Jason Leigh in an interview at the premiere of “The Hateful 8”.


Klick to short movie >> feat. Simone Suko has won the Award for “Best Direction” at the “Kurz & Knapp Kinosportcup” of the Munich International Short Film Festivals Kaliber35.