Trailer now out >> In the crime series Simone Suko plays the russian Mother Gustaffson whose daughter disappears in the red-light district . In further roles: Abel Peñalba, Rauand Taleb (4 Blocks). Director: Wesley Tc Howard. ESCAPE – The series – Trailer The pilot of the new series is nominated as best pilot at Snowdance Film…


Trailer available now >>  In this drama, Simone Suko plays the unknown Albina who bears a sad and gloomy mystery. Coming to cinemas in 2018.


Trailer available now >>  The Russian drug dealer Irina is waiting for the drug runner Yuri, who is injured and struggles through the snow, to hand over the drugs in time. With just 10 degrees Fahrenheit at the Holledau hop area, this has been an ice-cold shoot.


Coming soon: “allein” (Director: Moritz Neumayr). The film throws the audience into the story of a lonely woman who asks a psychologist for help. The reason for her desolate situation is revealed and leads into a dark and everlasting past.


The experimental Short Film „Max“ (Director: François Szabowski) has been nominated for „Les Petits Claps“. The Short Film Festival will be on February 4, 2017 in the Théâtre du Saulcy in Metz, France.

Simone Suko to start teaching at TASK

Simone Suko will start teaching at TASK drama school, which teaches children and young people in classes and workshops, as well as in master classes or individual coaching. Simone will do workshops in Camera Acting as well as a drama class for children from 7 to 9 years. For more information, visit


Trailer available now >> A young father tries to getting out of the drug scene, and to save his fatally ill daughter. But a traumatic experience and its consequences prove to make this impossible. Simone Suko as Monique, the mother of Sizran (Thomas Buschkamp). Director: Wesley Tc Howard. Producer: Abel Penalba. Hope Films / Jenley…


Simone Suko and movie producer Osman Shurer while she discloses the secret about her latest cinematic hero “VAIANA” in Disney´s same titled animation film.

Feature in Screentrade Magazine

Feature of Simone Suko in the latest issue of Screentrade Magazine, mentioning her favorite cinema: In the former Atrium Cinema in Stuttgart, Germany, Roland Emmerich held several of his film premieres. Screentrade Magazine   About Screentrade Magazine Screentrade Magazine covers all aspects of Cinema Exhibition and Film Distribution. Screentrade is headquartered in London and maintains…

Jack Reacher – Never Go Back

Listen to >> For the Cinema Special of „Jack Reacher – Never Go Back“, Simone Suko did the Voice Over for actresses Cobie Smulders and Danika Yarosh. Cobie Smulders:   Danika Yarosh: